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    Polls: Zahleh

    in this poll of Zhaleh district balance of power, made by Kamal Fghaleh, published in Al-Akhbar Newspaper, several pertinent points can be made, but first i will summarize the main findings, and you can check the link and the picture below for full details: Party name Projected votes Projected % Future Movement 28,004 24.1 Hezbollah 22,654 15.6 FPM (Aoun) 14,612 12.6 Popular bloc (Skaff) 14,074 12.1 Lebanese Forces 14,074 12.1 1- The projected threshold in this district is 16,360 achievable by many lists, especially if they work together. 2- Future Movement has the largest project share with 28,000 votes, which translates into 1.7 seats. 3- Zahleh is under a big…