Here we go!

The May 6, 2018 parliamentary elections is just around the corner. this site will try to be a one stop shop for all information about the upcoming elections, including the laws, the different districts maps, and general information. I will also try to follow all the published numbers, forecasts and polling, link them in this website. Additionally, i intend to devise an overall trend analyzing tool, in an effort to craft a scientific approach to forecasting, similar to Nate Silver’ 538 website.

The idea is to collect the maximum number of published polls. Then a average is calculated, followed by constructing a trend line, which will show how each party is doing, and if their popularity is increasing or deceasing relative to time. This method is very effective, and can to a high degree, limit the influence of each polls bias from the overall accuracy of the model.

Feel free to check the available resources on this page!