year in review

2020 in review!

First, Happy New Year to our readers, and may 2021 be gentler than 2020!

Despite the tragedies, the pandemic, the lockdowns, curfew, and all the upheavals of 2020, one should always try to have a positive outlook and take note of what was accomplished during these hard times! Therefore, concerning 128Lebanon it has been a productive year. Our cooperation with Fnf has been strengthened, culminating with the launch of the Data Liberation Project 2, which is in its final stages. Stay tuned for some additional great news in the upcoming weeks!

Meanwhile, the website amassed more than 2,000 views, with 10 published articles. The top two articles of 2020 were: “Will Prime Minister Hassan Diab be another Hoss or a Mikati?” and “The end of Lebanon’s Liberal model?”. Additionally, many of these articles were picked up by several think tanks and international NGOs such as Beyond horizon. 128Lebanon also closely followed and reported on the US presidential election last November and the still ongoing Lebanese government formation.

I personally also published several additional articles, the most noteworthy of them was “A Changing Regional Dynamic in MENA: From a Bipolar to a Tripolar System” for Fnf MENA political blog, and my monthly contribution to MENA Task Force at Beyond Horizon. In addition to giving several seminars, webinars, and workshops, being accepted in the EUVP Alumni.

For 2021, I can promise even more pertinent and interesting articles, and research papers published on 128Lebanon and in additional outlets. Meanwhile, there are several exciting new projects in the pipeline, once they are on track, I will share the news right here! But I will give you a hint, 2021 is going to be an elections centered year per excellence! so stay tuned!

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones

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